Beginner MySql5 should be aware of the knowledge and FAQ

A: About 5

The MySQL5 series database is the latest version of the MySQL database, the more popular releases mysql-5.0.18. MySQL official website in English

: MySQL5

On the MySQL database program, can be on its official website in English However, given that not all English are very good, it is recommended that we try to District MySQL Chinese official website to download the desired program, if can not be found, then go to the site in English.

The MySQL5 have installed version and free installation of the points, the name suggests, the installed version needs to be installed before you can use; free installation version of MySQL can be downloaded, or a simple setup, you can use.

MySQL5 install version Download:

Windows version:

version (source package):

The MySQL5 Free install version Download:

Windows version:

: MySQL5 installation

For Windows Installation Guide:

Version of Linux (source package) Installation Manual:

MySQL installed version and free installation, the free installation folder after extracting there is no installer can be used directly.

Windows free installation version of the user manual:

4: Backup and Recovery

Conventional backup command mysqldump, here tm databases, for example, do a brief introduction, details Reference


# Mysqldump-u root-p tm> tm_20060101.sql

Are prompted to password, which tm database table structure and to tm_20060101.sql, because the the total backup job, if the amount of data that the General Assembly take up a lot of room,

It is possible to use gzip data, the command is as follows:

# Mysqldump-u root-p tm gzip> tm_20060101.sql.gz

Can also be backed up to a remote machine, developed with the-h,

# Mysqldump-u root-p tm> tm_20060101.sql-h

Can be backed up to a remote computer IP address


System crashes, rebuild the system or restore the database, you can restore your data:

# Mysql-u root-p tm <tm_20060101.sql

Directly from the compressed file recovery:

# Gunzip <tm_20060101.sql.gz mysql-u root-p tm

Five: FAQ

Q: Why me into the “Setup” there is no installation file?

A: You may be downloaded free installation. Please give a detailed version information.

Q: how to start and shut down mysql?

A: under linux: for example, I have a mysql source installed in / usr / local / mysql

Auto: copy / usr / local / mysql / share / mysql / mysql.server to / etc / rc.d / init.d /, and then

chkconfig – add mysql.server can be switched on to start the mysql service.

Manual: run as root / usr / local / mysql / bin / mysqld_safe – user = mysql

under the windows:


Cmd to mysql installation path bin folder, perform: mysqld-nt – install

Manual: direct connections to the mysql installation path to the bin folder execute the net start mysql can.

If you do not want to let mysql start the service when the computer starts, run: mysqld-nt – remove

Can also delete the corresponding HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Services and restart the computer.

Close mysql: mysqladmin-uroot-p shutdown

Start mysql:

mysqld-nt – install

net start mysql

Q: How do I log in mysql?

A: mysql-uroot-p Enter, enter the password, and then press Enter. If he did not change, the default password is blank.

Q: mysql how to become good graphical database? Itself comes with graphical tools?

A: client mysql comes with a character, but there are a lot like mysql_center, SQLyog, Myadmin, MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Administrator, mysqlcc such a good graphical management tool.

Download mysql_centerd site:

The SQLyog go online , a lot of SQLyog407 good version.

phpMyAdmin Download: management download address:

The other I do not 11 provide download address, go to the Internet to search for downloads.

Q: Why does the log in with the mysql-uusername-p mysql when the following prompt:

Host ‘’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL Server (“” represents the login server)

A: This is because you want to log mysql server does not allow the user to login username from ip address.

The solution is server login mysql steps:


(Enter the password)

use mysql

update user set Host = “%” where User = “username”;

flush privileges;

Q: What is phpMyAdmin?

A: phpMyAdmin is written in PHP via the Internet control and operation of MySQL. PhpMyAdmin database operations such as create, copy / delete data.

All data and databases with phpMyAdmin can completely do not use the mysql command directly using phpMyAdmin to manage mysql

Q: how to use phpMyAdmin?

A: To use phpMyAdmin, download, release it to the root directory of the web server, a name, such as called phpMyAdmin, and then entered in the browser’s address bar:


On it.

PhpMyAdmin above, such an error, because the default configuration file without this software requires config.default.php the 2.6 version have this file, but the password is wrong. 2.6.x version, you can open this file with a text editor, modify the content of the first $ cfg into their own user name and password on it:

       $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['auth_type'] = 'config'; / / Authentication method (config, http or cookie based)? $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['user'] = 'root'; / / MySQL user $ cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] [' pass  '] =' own password ';

Not set a password, the system prompts:

denied for user ‘root’ @ ‘localhost’ (the using password: NO)

Version, the program will be prompted to run the scripts / setup.php or index.php file is configured to generate a file.

Q: Why do I use mysql garbled?

A: install mysql5 default character set encoding latin1, Sweden does not support Chinese. And garbled many reasons, it is recommended to the forum looking for answers. Posts, then please provide details of their own environment, the installation process and use information, so that we can quickly analyze your problem.

Q: Why does my phpmyadmin prompt can not load mysql extension?


First, look your PHP directory and PHP / ext under php_mysql.dll this file.

Second, the preparation of the PATH environment variable to the directory where the php_mysql.dll added.

, Some php installer installed, the installation path and ext folder (do not know why), it is best to download a configuration of PHP, then, the exe folder will be copied to the installation directory, and then make the appropriate configuration.

Look at c :/ winnt or php.ini file in the c :/ windows in the front of the php_mysql.dll; (semicolon) is removed, please remove if not removed, then the mysql installation path bin The libmysql.dll folder in the installation root directory of the php general for C :/ PHP, and also put a C :/ Windows, after restart IIS or is APACHE. Sometimes always refresh the page, remove the semicolon or can not load mysql extension last open a new window and try again.

Q: Why Tip: “There is no set mbstring PHP extension, the current system seems to be in wide character sets without mbstring extension phpMyAdmin can not correctly identify the string may produce unexpected results.”

A: Because you do not open the mbstring extension, solution: Open the PHP configuration file php.ini

extension = php_mbstring.dll front of the semicolon “;” removed and changed to the correct path, usually

ext / php_mbstring.dll is

Q: Why does PHP connect to mysql will have the following tips?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect () ……

A: likely not load mysql extension, how to solve, please refer to the above method.

If your system does not load mysql extension phpmyadmin can give tips, and general procedures can not be given.

Phpmyadmin prompt, and you happen to use apache server, try:

First removed; extension = the php_mysql.dll front “;” (; Notes)

The second step is php_mysql.dll C :/ php / ext copied to the C :/ Windows (C :/ WINNT) can

And restart Apache.

Q: Why can not I see the spawning pool?

The A: MYSQL.CN the spawning pool is specifically for beginners to learn from, and here I will not introduce more information, please visit:

Q: Can the Chinese name of the database you?

A: Yes, but not recommended, inconvenient to use.

Q: What if I forgot the root password, how do?


In the windows:

Open a command line window, stop the mysql service: net stop mysql

Start mysql, general mysql installation path, find mysqld-nt.exe

Execution: mysqld-nt – skip-grant-tables

In addition to open a command line window, execute mysql

       > Use mysql
 > Update user set password = password ("new_pass") where user = "root";
 > Flush privileges;
 > Exit

Ctrl + Alt + Del, find mysqld-nt process to kill it, restart mysql-nt service, you can log in with the new password a


If MySQL is running, first kill: killall-TERM mysqld.

Start MySQL: bin / safe_mysqld – skip-grant-tables &

Can not require a password to enter the MySQL.

Then is

> Use mysql

> Update user set password = password (“new_pass”) where user = “root”;

> Flush privileges;

Re-kill MySQL, the normal way to start MySQL.

Q: Why does the following tips:

        [Root @ 0-8-2-df-fa-ee ~] # mysql
 ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can not connect 
 to local MySQL server through socket '/ tmp / mysql.sock'

Note: it may be the other path mysql.sock

A: mysql service does not start, the the mysql.sock is generated files start mysql service starts,

General mysql service first kill: killall mysql

Then, according to their installation can start mysql. For example, when installed, is

. / Configure – prefix = / usr / local / mysql the

Start with the following command:

        / Usr / local / mysql / bin / mysqld_safe - user = mysql &

Then go on to perform

        / Usr / local / mysql / bin / mysql-u root-p

Login into mysql database

If not enough time to execute the following command:


reboot; restart the computer, do be careful! ! !

Q: Why does the following error

        # 1251 - Client does not support authentication protocol 
 requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client

A: You use the database is more than 4.1, connect to the MySQL database using the command line, execute the following command:

        UPDATE mysql.user SET password = OLD_PASSWORD ("your_password") 
 WHERE Host = "your_host" AND User = "your_username";

Can be solved.

your_password: changed your password to connect to the database, such as 123

your_host: into the host you connect to the database, if it is local, that is, localhost

your_username: changed you connect to the database user, such as root

Q: Why mysql prompt: Data too long for column ……

A: First, ensure that the size of your data in line with the size of your field.

Check your database encoding, the encoding of the database is consistent with the encoding of the operation of the database tools!