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Compiled under Ubuntu install mysql 5.5.8

MySQL officially released version 5.5.8 With msi installation package to win the next Ubuntu is still a conservative version 5.1 rpm and tar.gz source version on the official website, has yet to ubuntu installation source, I do not rpm too cold, we can only compile the source code is installed, refer to the online compiler […]

Forgot your MySQL password problem

Forgot your MySQL password problem With MySQL, we may often forget the MySQL password, this time, you can think of, what does? Reluctantly reload?Unwise, we can use the following methods to solve the problem of your MySQL password. (1) Open / etc / mysql directory under the debian.cnf file, find the [client] user name and password […]

[Original] solutions for IP operation in the database

[Original] solutions for IP operation in the database Suitable for display output IP by IP range query. A SQL statement to the database the IP format characters in the form of an integer stored interchangeable IP, based on the four bytes of storage, maximum FF.FF.FF.FF bit dotted decimal to We can understand that this is an […]

oracle pagination, increment fields, back insert record ID

Pagination And PG SQL mysql limit the different oracle pagination can use the following statement: $ Query = ‘Select * from (Select A. *, RowNum Rn from (‘. $ Query. ‘) A Where RowNum <=’. $ End. ‘) Where Rn> =’. $ Start; Description: $ Query: is you need pagination SQL Rownum: log sequence number returns a result set $ […]

mysql batch file to create a data import data

1, the establishment of a database file: mysqlCreatDB.sql create database mydb 2, provides a user with permissions file: grantUser.sql grant select, insert, update, delete, index, execute on mydb * to “identified by” 123456 “; 3, restore the database files: Mydb.sql 4, the batch file: mysqlConfig.bat @ ECHO OFF @ Set input1 = @ Set / […]

What is the “only” in the IT industry?

I am currently studying at the Guangdong University of Technology, the 06 session of Information Management and Information System, in September this year, entered the junior. Programming, I have a strong interest in the IT industry will be tender enough to have a bright future, but their ability to feel confused, do not know their own […]

Mysql command

USE <dbname> [LIKE wild]; show tables; show databases; ? / Help; exit / quit; mysqladmin version; mysql mysqladmin version; NET Start mysql; mysqladmin variables; mysqladmin-h hostname – port = port_number variables; The case of default, the port is 3306, the name of the socket MySQL mysqladmin shutdown; mysqladmin reload; mysqladmin-help; mysqladmin-u root-p shutdown; If you […]

SQL Server && mysql paging sql statement summary

the sqlserver paging statement the number of select top display per page * from table where the primary key id not in (select top each page displayed skilled * current page number primary key id from table) mysql select * from table limit the current page number * the number of the number of displayed […]

Repair mysql table

The repair data table (mysql REPAIR table-Can ‘t open file:’ [Table] mytable. MYI ‘.) Perhaps many people encountered similar CAN ‘t open file:’ [Table] mytable. MYI ‘this error message, but do not know how to fix him, let’s be introduced, In most cases, the database is destroyed only refers to the index file is destroyed, very little real data is destroyed. Most forms of database damage repair is quite simple. And the […]

jsp to connect to the database — Mysql select from the NinGoo Blog

Operating System: windows XP SP1 1 Install the JDK 5.0 Update 1 Download: Assuming that the installation path is D :/ Java/jdk1.5.0_01 Set the environment variable (Control Panel -> System -> Advanced) JAVA_HOME = D :/ Java/jdk1.5.0_01 classpath =.; D :/ Java/jdk1.5.0_01/lib/dt.jar; D :/ Java/jdk1.5.0_01/lib/tools.jar; path = path;% JAVA_HOME% / bin 2 Install Tomcat 5.5.4 […]