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JAVA Linux development platform erection

JAVA Linux development platform erection Environment: Java JDK 1.6 (package name: jdk-6u2-linux-i586-rpm.bin the size: 61.6M) Linux Fedora 7 Installation steps (Hard disk version of the installation CD installation, you can skip steps 1-6, Step 7 Select the CDROM) 1 to remove a Windows partition to make room to install the system, it is recommended that at least 10G 2, the image file is copied to the “D :/ (not NTFS partition) 3, the image […]

IBM acquisition of Sun, which is what kind of spirit?

“Wall Street Journal” reported March 18 news that IBM U.S. $ 6.5 billion acquisition of Sun ( ), although the news is unconfirmed, but has caused a great uproar. reported on Tuesday, Sun’s stock suddenly rose 68%, from the previous $ 4.97 rose to about $ 8.36, but IBM’s shares fell 4% to $ 89.46. Online […]

Beginner MySql5 should be aware of the knowledge and FAQ

A: About 5 The MySQL5 series database is the latest version of the MySQL database, the more popular releases mysql-5.0.18. MySQL official website in English : MySQL5 On the MySQL database program, can be on its official website in English However, given that not all English are very good, it is recommended that we try to […]

The Mysql configuration parameters optimized instructions turn

1. Get the current configuration parameters To optimize the configuration parameters, we must first understand the current configuration parameters and run. Use the following command to get the current server configuration parameters: mysqld-verbose-help mysqladmin variables extended-status-u root-p Inside the MySQL console, run the following command to get the values ??of the state variables: mysql> SHOW STATUS; If […]

Dishes take the server (apache + mysql + php)

Attention cattle Bo the website ( ) a long time ago , feel good, a lot of useful things and resources, as well as Bullog handsome photo. But just started watching, I felt a bit like the the wordpress Environment modify, and later seen in the lower right corner Proudly powerd by WordPress words, firm determination […]

Tomcat quickly configure the data source

Tomcat itself does not provide the implementation of the data source. But with some other open source data source, Tomcat container to manage it, the program can be obtained via JNDI data source. Tomcat data source configuration is divided into two types: Global Data source: All web applications can access. Local data sources: You can only […]

mysql dynamic SQL Pragmatic

set @ tbnm = “user”; set @ p1 = “nickname”; set @ p2 = “asd”; set @ frist_sql = concat (“select”, @ p1, “from”, @ tbnm, “where nickname = ‘”, @ p2, “‘”); prepare stmt from @ frist_sql; EXECUTE stmt;

Win2003 + IIS6.0 + PHP + MYSQL + ASP + ASP.NET all-around environment configuration graphic solutionWin2003 + IIS6.0 + PHP + MYSQL + ASP + ASP.NET all-around environment configuration graphic solution

1, php-5.2.13-Win32-VC6-x86 Download Pay attention to I was under the is that php there are zip of the. the expansion of performance of the zip good a little Win32-VC6-x86. 2, MySQL for WindowsV5.0 Second, install php, mysql 1, double-click the php-5.2.13-Win32-VC6-x86 extract it to the C :/ php directory under the can be. 2, MySQL I fitted to […]

[Sticky] Struts configuration file elements

the <struts-config> element <struts-config> element is the root element of the Struts configuration file, and its corresponding configuration class for org.apache.strtus.config.ModuleConfig class. <struts-config> elements 8 sub-elements, the DTD is defined as follows: <! ELEMENT struts-config (data-sources?, Form-beans?, Global-exceptions?, Global-forwards?, Action-mappings?, Controller?, Message-resources *, plug-in *) Struts configuration file, you must follow the order specified by […]