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SQL * Loader User’s Guide

Oracle’s SQL * Loader can load external data into a database table. Here is the SQL * Loader’s basic characteristics: 1) can be loaded into the data of the different types of data files and data files 2) can be loaded into a fixed format, freely given community as well as the degree of long format […]

sys.sysobjects type, xtype

Object Type:  AF = the polymerization function (CLR)  C = CHECK constraint  D = DEFAULT (constraint or stand-alone)  F = FOREIGN KEY constraint  PK = PRIMARY KEY constraint  P = SQL stored procedures  PC = assembly (CLR) stored procedure  Fn = SQL scalar function  FS = assembly (CLR) scalar function  FT = assembly (CLR) table-valued […]

Game server development

The data storage server Game data is broadly divided into static configuration data and dynamic players. Here focuses on the player data storage solutions. Although the game application write operations than read operations, but added the cache layer is still necessary. Another problem is that multiple application servers start to read data from the database in an […]

Basic operation of database calls Asp.Net2.0

First, set the Web.Config. Delete <connectionStrings /> add the following code <ConnectionStrings> <Add name = “zgdxConn” connectionString = “Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source = | DataDirectory | / newsData.mdb”providerName = “System.Data.OleDb” /> </ ConnectionStrings>   Read of asp.net2.0 in web.config database connection string two methods Method One: string myConn = System.Configuration. ConfigurationManager. ConnectionStrings [“zgdxConn”]. ConnectionString; Method 2: string myConn = System.Web.Configuration. WebConfigurationManager. ConnectionStrings [“zgdxConn”]. ToString ();   , Pour namespace          If the database is ACCESS: using System.Data.OleDb; If the database is SQL Server; using System.Data.SqlClient; […]

JPA generic DAO package

EntityManager object in the Web container, need to do some improvements can be safer. Servlet is not thread-safe, so it is necessary to change the EntityManager object ThreadLocal class. ThreadLocal is to use a variable for each thread to provide a copy of the value of the variable, so that each thread can independently change their […]

SQL * loader usage of Summary

Recently encountered in the project CLOB type large object imported into the database (Oracle), usually only copy on the line. But when they got clob on the line, asked a few of my colleagues have had no way to ask the leader and the background cattle they tell me to use pl / sql and toad […]

A deep understanding of the Oracle database startup and shutdown

First, the startup and shutdown of Oracle database To start and shut down the database must be a user of the Oracle administrator privileges landing, usually that is, the the SYSDBA privileges of the user login. Generally we used the INTERNAL user to start and close the database (Internal user is actually a synonym for the […]

Three built table occupied rollback segment size

The first: create table s as select * the from dba_objects; – The second: create table s as select * from dba_objects where 1 = 0; insert / * + append * / into s select * from dba_objects; Third: create table s as select * from dba_objects where 1 = 0; insert into s […]

Oracle internal operations

When we introduce a SQL statement, Oracle will do with it? Oracle will be allocated for each user process to a server process: the service Process (actual distinction should be made ??between a dedicated server and shared server), when the service Process received sql statement submitted by the user process, the server process will SQL statement syntax and […]

Oracle table space to learn

Table spatial learning Personally feel that table space relative to the database is critical, is generally divided into permanent (permanent table space), undo (undo tablespace), temporary (temporary table space), generally by the following SQL View table space type. select distinct t.contents from dba_tablespaces t; View the table space corresponding to the data files. select, […]