cell phone

With a cell phone, you know?

1, invisible backup battery Your phone is running low, in order to allow it to continue to use, press * 3370 # key, the phone will restart after the start, you will find that electricity consumption increased by 50%. This part of the hidden reserve capacity used you have to recharge, recharge time, invisible backup battery also charge the next time of low power consumption can also use this method. Know that this is very useful in case of emergency if the phone is running low.

2, the car fell on a car with a remote control?

Your car with a remote control to open it? If you can, you will one day car with a remote control fell on a car and the spare remote control and at home, you will find a cell phone really easy to use mobile phone to call home phone, your cell phone to take away from door a foot, while the family holding the remote control next to his cell phone rang unlock button on the remote control, side door can be opened. This method is whether you drive too far away from home work.

3, emergency phones around the world can call a common emergency number is 112, to join you found yourself in areas where no cell phone coverage, and you have encountered an emergency situation, use your cell phone to call 112 to be sure, because At this time your phone will automatically search all available networks and establish an emergency call. Particularly interesting is that even if your phone is state of the keypad is locked, you can also call 112. Give it a try!

4, cell phone stolen?

There is a way to get the thief does not take too, hey! View the phone’s serial number, just type * # 06 #, 15-bit serial number will appear on the phone screen, around the world each phone has a unique serial number, serial number of this record and keep . One day Unfortunately, if your phone was stolen, call the phone provider and provide your cell phone serial number, they will help you a mobile phone screen, so even if the thief changed the SIM card, still can not use your cell phone on The thieves are becoming useless. If every cell phone holders around the world are doing, then stealing mobile phones does not make sense. In Australia, police and even the establishment of a stolen cell phone database, if your phone is found, it can be returned to you.

Routine maintenance must be used:

1, cell phone batteries do not wait until no electric charge.

Generally, we will have an idea is the phone’s battery power to recharge is done is basically wrong, because we previously used rechargeable battery is a nickel-metal hydride (NiH) batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries so-called memory effect if the electricity and then charge will lead to a rapid decrease battery life. Therefore we will use the last drop of power began to charge. But now the phone and IA products generally most lithium (Li) batteries, and lithium batteries, then there is no memory effect problems. If we still wait to run out of power before the charge, then it will make the lithium battery inside the chemical reactions and life can reduce. The best way is nothing to charge it at any time to maintain the best full-cell state, so your battery can be a long, long time! This is the message from the manufacturer that, and after the test itself derived.

2, when the phone is charging, do not answer the phone! !

The reason is that the phone is charging, incoming calls would be potentially dangerous. India has a 31-year-old business manager in the insurance company of young people, ten days ago in phone charger and then also answer the phone, after a few seconds a large amount of current through the phone, this young man has been dropped to the ground, family found, fingers burn with a weak heartbeat, and has lost consciousness. By the emergency to the hospital, the doctor announced the death to the hospital. Mobile phones are currently the most commonly used modern invention. However, we must also be alert to the risk of death to the instrument.

3, left a cell phone, do not use the recipient cell with only one cell when compared to 1000-fold difference in emission intensity even more so …… people often say mobile phones to pay attention Oh …… …… ^ 0 ^ yesterday a very important message from a mobile phone operators, and that is when you find the phone’s signal strength only when the next frame, hang up rather not talk about or use a public phone. never again surging not must, muck, Sweetie, let them go, endless … WHY? we all know that electromagnetic waves mobile phones has been a worrying problem, the design of the phone in order to remain in poor reception areas how an enormous margin call quality will enhance the emission intensity of mobile phone electromagnetic waves when the recipient cell with only one cell, the emission intensity even more than 1000-fold difference. electromagnetic strength up to 0.6W (Watt) .0.6 W how strong it? I can not specifically describe it in your head will have any adverse effects, but can be replaced by two examples to compare:

The Wang Xiaoqiong 14:31:35
1) the Speaker of about 4 cm in diameter small volume of the radio is open to the maximum and then attached to the ear, as the noise energy is generally 0.25W, less than 0.5W.

2) put their fingers on the front of the laser output intensity 0.1W (equivalent to a fiber network? D Link energy) within a few seconds you will have the feeling of burning, you can long endure both of these conditions?

How do you confirm 0.6W electromagnetic waves close to your ear will be all right?

4.12593 phone number = trap you are not friends from overseas phone 17951 Phone numbers stored in the phone book? Rather than individual call? Then charges will be from 0.39 yuan per minute into 1.3 yuan per minute and I had to 1860 inquired Their explanation was that the system will not recognize if stored in the phone book? It is not possible to obtain tariff concessions to each keyboard directly by the 12xxx. Shenzhouxing user so? M-Zone users, GSM is the same. If you are a mobile user, when you know that China Mobile set up for you the following trap, we will no longer be surprised why your calls as long as the fly wing. 12593 phone numbers can offer, but if you advance 12593 phone number in the phone’s phone book, use the time out of tune and then dial out, then China Mobile does not recognize you use 12593 This preferential dial , while the direct dial billing. If you are roaming, the two billing methods can vary as much as 7 times! When I learned that this billing, I really do not know how to express my anger, then hit 10086 consultation, if not take the initiative to the rule of asking this question, the job number for the 6608 Miss did not tell me this billing.

5, mobile phone charges parasites somehow set-useless messages is strongly recommended that everyone have a look they have not caught, the easiest way to unsubscribe to steal your mobile phone charges parasites per month! 3.15 China Mobile was forced to launch a new business, if you are Chinese mobile phone users, type the number “0000” Send the message to 10086 seconds will automatically reply to a message list, whether custom display on your phone What SMS, which SMS service provider what clearly the dark with a monthly fee deducted from your phone; type the number “00000” Send the message to 186201, you can unsubscribe from all SMS services.

6, do not hurry to scrape together just 1 minute often when we called just in time to 1:00 before the end of glad, but in fact not the case, according to a China Mobile’s staff said, in fact, when you talk to 0:55 has been considered for a minute, so 0:55 to 1:00 call time is actually count your money in 2 minutes ~

7, a cell phone feed, please remember not to make any keystrokes, especially off (one by any action, the water will immediately follow the circuit board flow string), the correct way to immediately open the cover, directly to the battery scored directly forcing power, can protect the water board is not invasion.

This knowledge is very important, so tell you, so that we can phone a little longer. Learn a science now! After the rainy day ah!

8, how to make cell phone batteries back to life When your mobile phone battery time shorter (memory effects or aging), you will buy a battery to replace it?

The next time you encounter this situation, please save your money, tell you a very effective way to give it a try:

1) the battery wrapped in newspaper before being placed in a plastic bag wrapping and put into the freezer for three days (the newspaper to absorb excess moisture)

Out at room temperature 2) three days after the decentralization of two days 3) two days after charging the battery fully charged, yellow phone wrap test (estimated to save 80% -90%)

This message revealed by the well-known battery manufacturers engineers, according to friends that tested results have been very effective.

As there is no effect, anyway, useless battery faster, but everyone has refrigerator, friends may wish to give it a try!

To your cell phone to be a CPR!

Phone is always off? Fully charged or obviously did not take long for any electricity?

Be doubted that end-of-life is not a phone?

Do not worry, it’s just temporary “cardiac arrest”, as long as a small eraser be able to revive it!

Remove the battery with the eraser on the battery contacts (brass piece) wipe clean, then put it back on the phone, you will find really amazing! It is actually alive! Also like the stars of new ones!

Really useful, provided you a reference!

10, teach you how to eliminate the cell phone screen scratches whether we often encounter the phone screen scratches and I do not know how to deal with it?

Tell you a nice recipe …. (see on TV a few days ago)

The amount of toothpaste squeezed on a wet cloth after the force in the mobile phone screen scraping after hard smooth evenly back and forth about …..

You will find ….. the phone’s screen scratches will disappear …. so amazing it …!!

Even more amazing things …. wipe with a clean rag or toilet paper .. the phone screen will become brighter Oh ….

National Taiwan University Professor of Chemistry: Principles for the toothpaste it is just brushing the aids with friction effect (patch effect)

And remove plaque, clean and polish the tooth surface, the use of the phone screen above will have the same effect