Dishes take the server (apache + mysql + php)

Attention cattle Bo the website ( ) a long time ago , feel good, a lot of useful things and resources, as well as Bullog handsome photo. But just started watching, I felt a bit like the the wordpress Environment modify, and later seen in the lower right corner Proudly powerd by WordPress words, firm determination of their own learning WordPress. The help of the king seniors on Friday to commence in the laboratory. After an afternoon of struggle, and built a beta version of the site: (not to apply for a static IP and domain name)

Completely a rookie, a little Linux only simple commands (ls cd cp sudo, etc.), the other is only heard, absolutely no contact (MySQL played soy sauce, almost all do forget, the database that thing After learning there is no chance, only command on the left: show databases;), today is a rookie record structures.

Step one: find a normally open the computer to install on Linux.

Himself took seniors to stay in Taiwan computer, configuration is more than good seniors above installed Ubuntu operating system, but the password I do not know, but do not want to re-install (lazy), Google results get rid of the original user’s password recovery mode, so I did it, and then go to re-build a user, taking on the name of your favorite.

Step two: build environment (apache + mysql + php)

     Of course, side dishes, I only Google, good luck to find a good article: very praise, just install mysql version select 5.1 on the line!

Step 3: Build a wordpress environment

Of course, you know, I’m such a rookie or Google, lucky and find a reliable article: (found a rule, those who fly the articles are a fool terms, admire the patience, after all, should a problem speaking to my rookie know was quite time-consuming. Thanks again closed meticulous teachings of God), there should be noted that you installed things would not have security it is mainly a mysql-admin, in which to build a database on the line.

Step Four: It has just begun

    Yes, year built, you will find that you want to build a satisfactory site In fact, this is just beginning, you started to learn html, learn PHP. So, while you’re young to learn.

Finally, the conclusion, the Google very powerful! Should follow the steps that everyone can build a website to play.