IBM acquisition of Sun, which is what kind of spirit?

“Wall Street Journal” reported March 18 news that IBM U.S. $ 6.5 billion acquisition of Sun ( ), although the news is unconfirmed, but has caused a great uproar. reported on Tuesday, Sun’s stock suddenly rose 68%, from the previous $ 4.97 rose to about $ 8.36, but IBM’s shares fell 4% to $ 89.46.

Online bloggers wrote commentaries are mad. Supportive of this that IBM and Sun are in favor of open source (Linux and OpenSolaris) and cross-platform (Linux and Java), so their merger may be better against Microsoft and Intel x86 platform, it should be too as. This compared the case of the HP acquisition of Compaq (DEC), such merger may be more easily and HP confrontation.

Of course, it does not endorse the article, such as ZNet this , the authors feel that this is simply impossible, because IBM and Sun have too much of a coincidence, many aspects there is a strong competition, IBM bought a little do not want to chip technology? Operating system? Database? Java? More impossible. Said, if IBM wants to get rid of Sun, 65 billion dollars is too expensive, this winter, should not this price, unless this news otherwise intention ……

However, the most interesting comment is , is simply too wonderful people laughing, I could not help but want to translate here:


There are reports that IBM is ready to use at least $ 6.5 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Inc.. If this transaction, then, is it means Solaris, SPARC, MySQL and other technologies and IBM’s core product overlap? Whether HP will make a phone call to the Sun and then give a price? I hereby given for the potential acquisition of four prophecy. Of course, Linux is definitely dominated the entire negotiations.

Basically, I am not a large IT M & Fans, because as long as you look at the history of the stock valuation, you will find that the vast majority of mergers and acquisitions and not actually said. (For example: Novell / WordPerfect, AT & T / NCR, AOL / Time Warner, Symantec / Veritas, etc.).

Of course, I want to give this behavior IBM acquisition of Sun the vertical thumbling recognition of their achievements. Why? , but it can not be discounted, because the company related rows of open source projects ( , ), but if out-of-date business with Sun (SPARC, Solaris , etc.) than those only for the Sun bring coin-class profits open source project can only be considered ass.

If IBM acquisition of Sun, then the following are my four predictions:

  1. Long-term suspension of the Sun SPARC RISC-based processor. IBM already has a RISC-based processor ( product line). Let us fairly and honestly look at this issue, these big companies are covered around the Intel server environment to consolidate their gas RISC data center. We have to say, IBM really did a very good thing to support long-term those over gas hardware, real R & D will appear some POWER / SPARC combination of variants to face the high-end positioning.
  2. Sun Solaris is bound to be mixed to the IBM AIX. This world there are too many Unix, IBM found a very creative method instead to continue to support the two Unix Solais and AIX features merged together. Then compete and HP-UX, but may ultimately result may become Linux. Here, I hope you will not argue entangled in OpenSolris here, because I strongly suspect that IBM will OpenSolaris made directly to the Linux alternative.
  3. MySQL is a big winner. MySQL club Sun here to see more. MySQL reputation in these mergers and acquisitions continue to grow up, but MySQL staff may leave, and MySQL infighting will be more or less blow to the open source data. With a powerful IBM Global Services sales channels and Big Blue, MySQL will only become more prosperous and thriving. And marriage and DB2, IBM obtained a powerful combination punches (one-two punch), Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server is natural to be beaten.
  4. Linux. This is the biggest winner of this game. Not only in IBM’s own blueprint and Sun’s hardware and software together, and march to the Linux data center, or even Linux desktop system can speed up. Believe me, absolutely right.

Not only that, the IBM acquisition of Sun absolute illustrates three things: 1) merged technologies, 2) combined staff, 3) control of Sun’s customer base.

Sun users should not panic, because IBM has such a strong strength will continue to provide those over gas products. In fact, Sun’s user only panic “If IBM acquisition of Sun will ……

Well, let me think about issues to the end of this article – and in the end is who leaked the price of the IBM acquisition of Sun? Why leak? Is someone wants HP also pull in a price hike? Hey …