Program life – software professionals need to have six basic qualities

Basic quality is good coding, coding capacity directly determines the efficiency of project development. This requires software engineers proficient in at least one programming language, such as the current domestic enterprises commonly used C / C + +, VB and the world’s most popular Java language, familiar with its basic grammar, technical features and API (Application Program Interface).
Basic quality Second, the conscious awareness of the norms and team spirit. The companies want to recruit programmers programming is not necessarily fast, but need to be very standardized, individual ability is not necessarily very strong, but need a good sense of cooperation.
Basic quality is the ability to understand and apply the database, which will use the common database software, such as Oracle and Microsoft databases.
Basic quality, strong English reading and writing skills. Program the dominant language of the world is in English, the programming development documents and tools to help file can not be separated from the English.As a basis for software engineers, with a basic command of English is extremely helpful for enhancing their own learning and the ability to work.
Five of the basic quality of software engineering concepts. From the project needs analysis to installation is completed, basic software engineers must be able to clearly understand and grasp these processes, and capable of performing a variety of aspects of the specific work.
The basic quality VI, curiosity and initiative. The software industry is an ever-changing and innovative industry, the software talents curiosity and initiative is particularly important, which is based on the basic conditions in the fierce competition in the industry.