Event-driven programming, known as the “form” and “control” object in VB. These objects interact with the user graphical interface (also known as the User Interface The user interface) and then design your application must take into account how users interact and procedures, users interact via mouse and keyboard with the application is the most direct and convenient , then those objects must respond to mouse and keyboard events caused. Response refers to the period of application, it does not perform but different code is executed in response to different events along a predetermined route, VB programming focus is on the write event-driven code of the process.

Object-oriented programming design, VB is an object-oriented programming language, code and data in an object, you only need to know about each object in which to complete the task without the need to know how the objects work contrived . Software developers to write code for the event-driven process, the object to reflect the user’s operating. However, VB isnot object-oriented features such as multi-state, it is also called VB is a quasi-object-oriented programming language.

4 easy to learn and use, short development cycle. VB is easy to learn, user-friendly, easy to use. VB provides a number of powerful control to help developers write applications in a short period of time with a small number of statements, shorten the development cycle.

1.2 ACCESS2003 Introduction

ASSESS is a database management system that is easy to learn, an ordinary computer users can quickly master it. The function of ACCESS2000 very strong, and the use of it can facilitate the realization of the information is saved, maintenance, query, statistics, and it can very easily exchange data with the other components of the OFFICE, these functions for an ordinary user has sufficient.

The system is ACCESS2000 as a back-end database, a database management system for small and medium-sized enterprise management warehouse development with Visual Basicprogramming language.

2   System feasibility analysis

The feasibility analysis of tasks, not all problems have simple obvious solution, in fact, many of the problems can not be resolved within the predetermined size of the system. If the problem is not a viable solution, then the cost of this development project on time, resources, manpower and funding are unnecessary wastage.