The 10gR2 in AWR, ash, addm, Statspack report of difference

10gR2 AWR report is actually extension of statpack report the course 10gR2 or retained statpack, and statpack also increased monitoring of stream_pool, awr statpack difference awr snapshot of the collection and maintenance of more automated, the default reserved a snapshot of the seven-day and can be dbms_workload_repository table to modify the snapshot collection frequency and the retention time of the snapshot, dba intervention has been very small, and easier to maintain than statpack.

the AWR and ash main difference is that: awr is a flat, the comprehensive, ash is a three-dimensional, is more focused on the session event tracking, event wait due to the large volume of business database is constantly changing, awr may not monitor To compensate for this deficiency, ash can session event tracking.
ash addm difference is that: addm even more important than based on the guiding opinions, according to the analysis of the current state of the library, the existing problems can be said the ash, addm is the awr added awr comprehensive collection of the state of the database, but The ash / addm focus on data collected for analysis, and provide some useful suggestions.