Vista the sql2005 Additional database failure problem

Vista install SQL Server 2005/2008, the additional database error solution

I installed SQL Server 2005 in Vista, detach the database, for additional following error occurred:

Prompt “Unable to open the physical file ………… operating system error 5:” 5 (Access Denied) “(Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5120)

Online are said the problem is caused due to the mixed authentication login to the database, as long as the registry change for windows authentication method to solve the problem. Tested, is not the case …

We know that Vista UAC account control, even if you are an administrator account by default uses only standard token. Tested, as long as the “administrator privileges to run SQL Server Management Studio” can be properly attached.

Another situation, or additional failure may be the current account (vista user) does not have access. Mdf and. Log file, the current account privileges attached to the data files and log files to, and then attach.